A brand is an important symbol for quality, service and reputation. It is an essential basis for enterprises to compete in the market.

Tire Technology is committed to providing complete solutions for customers who focus on "enterprise core values" and "brand core competitiveness ".

Tire Technology's mission is to fill the gap between customers and the world's continuously advancing tire technology level.

We provide customers with professional technology and service.

Tire Technical Service

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Testing Machines

European standard AA tires

Rolling resistance:6.478 kg/t
Wet grip:1.58 G
Certified with the highest rating of EU tire label regulations

Drifting Tires

R & D of drifting tires
Innovative structure and formula design
Real vehicle test continuously improve tire performance 
Achieved the highest level in the world
Outstanding results in top competitions

Ultra Silent Tire

Reduced noise through simulation technology
Provides a quiet driving experience
Precise handling
Ultra high performance
Silent sport driving

All Climate Tire

For all weather conditions
Particularly suitable for use in winter snow-covered roads
Excellent driving performance also in summer
Reduces tire replacement frequency

Experience in the tire industry
Tire products developed
Cooperating tire factories

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